Reaction Videos

Dom & Fran // Cotesbach Hall x Reaction Video

WAaaah!! WOAH....WOW!!
So it's five to ten at night.
We've been sat here, at our kitchen table since 7:15 on tenterhooks with a bottle of wine watching your video.
And I hate to say it Paul but it can only be described in one word and that is: PHENOMENAL!!!!
We never thought, for one moment, that we would have the pleasure of sitting through five and half minutes of our warbling voices and nervous smiles but thanks to you, we did and honestly: we couldn't be happier.

Reliving the big day was has been one of the best evening we've had together as husband and wife and we're so glad you guys were there to capture all the laughs and bad dancing!

WoW guys, honestly, and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts, what you put together for is better than any Lost Boys, than any Rocky IV and....I can't believe we're saying this....: even better than The Goonies (Dom's words, so they must be true!)!!

Thanks you, from the bottom our hearts.

Richard & Charlotte // Reaction Video

Maia & Matt // Reaction Video

Amy & Tim // chateau rigaud

We could not be more thrilled with the wedding videos that Paul created for us - his work is absolutely incredible! After seeing some of the fantastic work on his website we had pretty high expectations - but even then he completely exceeded them. Both the highlights and the longer feature length film brought tears, laughter...and even some (good!) surprises.

Paul came early to the wedding , and stayed late into the night, so they were able to capture so much and really tell a story with the films. Paul is incredibly talented and passionate about what he does, and also has a lovely and calm personality - which is really nice to have at your wedding and to put you at ease when being filmed! We really couldn't fault his work and would most certainly recommend him.

Lisa & Matt // la escollera

OH MY WORD PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Literally just felt like I’ve relived that day all over again, we’ve watched it about 8 times already. It’s hard to remember everything from the day because as you know yourself it’s such a busy day but my word you sure had it all covered.
We absolutely love it!! you captured some incredible moments, I didn’t realise just how good my speech was hahahaha.
Seriously Paul. It’s truly amazing! Thank you so much for your efforts creating that for us. We know where to go if ever either of us have a bad day, because we are both smiling from beginning to end.
I would like to say again, thank you so much for being apart of the puzzle to that awesome day, it’s a decision that we will never ever regret. It was a pleasure to have met you, and I’m almost certain we will see you again off the back of that.